Carry ballscrew drives

The Hercules of screw drives - a powerhouse with convincing features

Carry is a no-wear ballscrew drive for applications that need to move heavy loads with low energy consumption. The extreme helix beyond-square thread pitch makes particularly high travel speeds possible. The cold-formed products stand out for their robustness, precision, strength, efficiency and smooth running. The animal world has available with square pitches and larger examples of Herculean performance, such as an ant carrying around 50 times its body weight. To match this, human beings would have to carry fifty times their body weight. Carry can do even more: with a spindle diameter of just 40 mm, this ballscrew drive can handle 1000 times its own weight. In this way, Eichenberger ballscrews also contribute to responsible use of resources and improved energy efficiency.

Design features

Thanks to the outstanding manufacturing quality and precision, Carry ballscrews are ideal for all applications where heavy loads have to be moved cost-effectively and highly efficiently. Cold forming increases material strength enormously and enables us to achieve exceptionally high lead angles when using sophisticated deflection systems. Pitch ratios such as these cannot be achieved by grinding. The extreme pitches enable unprecedented travel speeds with impressive efficiency - without reaching critical speed ranges.

  • High load ratings, suitable for high static and dynamic loads
  • Medium to high travel speeds through to high-helix pitches bigger than the screw diameter (p>d)
  • Extremely high efficiency (η >0.9)
  • Reduced drive power, energy consumption and self-heating
  • Low-friction, stick-slip-free running
  • High positioning and repetition accuracy
  • Highly reliable and durable with minimal maintenance necessary
  • Dirt wiper available


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Examples of variants: standard nuts for ballscrew drives

The Carry spindles are combined with single steel nuts manufactured in a unique, specially developed process.

Flange nuts type FG...
Flange nuts type FG...
  • Inexpensive standard nut
  • Outside diameter turned
  • With tightening thread
Cylindrical nut type ZY...
Cylindrical nut type ZY...
  • Ground outer diameter (tolerance class g6)
  • With keyway
Flange nut Typ FB…/ FA...
Flange nut Typ FB…/ FA...
  • Ground fit and flange (Type FB..)
  • Fitting hole pattern 1/2/3 following DIN 69051
  • Flange type C on request
See all standard Carry ballscrew drives

Ball return systems

The nuts are fitted with various ball returns, fully integrated into the nut body. The optimum system for your drive solution is selected on the basis of dimensions, temperature, travel speed, load and application range.

End-cap ball return system type E/F/G
End-cap ball return system type E/F/G
  • Also for high helix pitches bigger than screw diameter (p ≥ d0)
  • Dirt wiper integrated in end caps
  • High-performance technopolymer
  • Inexpensive ball return system
Tube ball return, fully integrated in nut body Type ...R
Tube ball return, fully integrated in nut body Type ...R
  • For high loads
  • Can be used at higher temperatures
  • Space-saving length
Single thread ball return type … I
Single thread ball return type … I
  • Space-saving in diameter
  • High-performance technopolymer
  • Other materials (e.g. brass) on request
See Carry Ballscrew drive type F in brochure

Tailor-made products

Do you have specific requirements that a standard product cannot meet? Or an idea without a solution yet? Have an inspiring consultation with us and we can develop and manufacture a tailor-made screw drive solution to your specifications - in the shortest possible time, venturing beyond the standard norms with our choice of materials, thread forms or dimensions. We look forward to finding the perfect motion for your requirements.
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Example applications for ballscrew drives

The high efficiency of ballscrew drives makes them especially useful for rapid motion processes involving extremely high frequency cycles of forward, backward and vertical movement. High accuracy, no backlash and travel speed are some of the most important specifications.
The force between the screw threads and the nut in the spindle is transmitted via balls circulating in a closed system. The rolling friction of ballscrews has a number of advantages compared to sliding friction or trapezoidal screws.


"Quality first": As a certified company, we leave nothing to chance from development to production and delivery.

Effective work processes, modern production equipment and qualified personnel with a high sense of responsibility guarantee a quality standard that has made us the preferred partner of many renowned companies worldwide.

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