Thread rolling as a service

A leading role: The thread rolling process is our core expertise. As a manufacturing company you benefit from our services.

At your service – the Eichenberger manufacturing competence

As indicated by the company name, the core competence of Eichenberger Gewinde AG lies in thread rolling. Thread profiles are manufactured exclusively by the cold-forming rolling method. Our thread rolling services are also available to manufacturers wishing to purchase high-quality, cold-rolled threads for mechanical components.

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Thread rolling service

The core competence of Eichenberger Gewinde AG lies in thread rolling. This benefits users of Eichenberger standard products as well as all manufacturing companies which wish to use thread drives produced by a leading supplier in the market - economically and top quality.

By using the most modern production methods, our know-how of many years and our stock of over 1000 rolling tools, we produce rolled threads that meet even the most unusual requirements.

  • pitches up to 6 × diameter
  • spindle length up to 6 m
  • spindle diameter from 2 - 30 mm
  • all standard profiles (M, Tr, UNC, UNF, UNEF, Whitworth)
  • high-helix thread profiles
  • ballscrew thread profiles
  • special profiles
  • multiple start threads including right-hand/left-hand threads
  • worm gears (quality and price advantages)
  • serrations and knurlings
  • conical threads
  • threads on prefabricated and/or irregular parts, e.g. also on forged parts

Suitable materials for thread rolling:

  • high-alloy, corrosion and acid-resistant steel
  • special aluminium alloys
  • riveting-quality brass
  • copper alloys

Threads can be rolled on hollow bodies and tubes only if wall thickness is sufficient; this wall thickness depends upon the type and depth of intended profile as well as material used. We are happy to provide advice.

We look forward to your challenge!

Rolled Threads / Tables of Dimensions (standard profiles)

Examples: a range of possibilities

All our know-how goes into producing the ideal thread solution for your specific requirements.

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