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Everything you want to set in motion – Eichenberger screw drives get things moving – fast, precise, reliable.

Energy efficient, sustainable use of resources, reduced noise and pollution: even a simple mechanical drive has to meet increasingly ambitious performance standards in the age of automation, digitalisation and miniaturisation. Therefore, with our passion for perfect motion we are continually developing and improving our screw drives. Eichenberger innovations withstand astonishing loads in small installation spaces. The ingenious ball return system in the nut delivers outstanding advantages.

Is a standard screw drive insufficient for your requirements? We develop and manufacture individual screw drive solutions to your specifications, venturing beyond standard norms with our choice of materials, thread forms or dimensions. Where else can you get a
9.3 x 2.125 mm ballscrew?

Eichenberger standard screw drives

Eichenberger quality: for standard screw drives too our core range has two groups: ball screw drives with ball screw spindle based on roller bearing principles and leadscrew drives in the form of screw drives with nut and screw thread flanks sliding on each other. All screw drives are manufactured using the cold rolling process.

Developed for highest performance

All Eichenberger screw drives are manufactured using a thread rolling process. Nevertheless, two designs from the standard range - ballscrews (ballscrews based on the rolling bearing principle) and leadscrews (screw drives with nut and thread edges sliding on each other) - have very different features and performance, as illustrated below.

Developed for highest performance

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The product finder product filter quickly guides you to the right thread drive to suit your requirements. The easy to use filter system assists your targeted search - simply select the technical data and your results will be displayed.

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Tailor-made products

Do you have specific requirements that a standard product cannot meet? Or an idea without a solution yet? Have an inspiring consultation with us and we can develop and manufacture a tailor-made screw drive solution to your specifications - in the shortest possible time, venturing beyond the standard norms with our choice of materials, thread forms or dimensions. We look forward to finding the perfect motion for your requirements.
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Core competence thread rolling – cold-rolled precision

The core manufacturing competence of Eichenberger Gewinde AG lies in thread rolling. All thread profiles of Eichenberger screw spindles are produced exclusively in a high-precision process.

Thread rolling refers to the cold forming of the outer surface of round parts. A thread is produced by forming the part under the radial-dynamic force between the two rotating rolling tools. The profiles of the rolling tools penetrate the surface of the part, pressing the cold material down to the bottom of the rotating tools and rolled up to the selected dimension.

Benefits of thread rolling

  • Significantly increased strength by cold forming
  • Very good roughness values on thread edges and base radius
  • Reduced notch-sensitivity
  • No damage to structure of metal as with machine-cut threads
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Efficient and fast production
  • Extremely cost-effective for medium and large quantities
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What can we set in motion for you?

Eichenberger supports the realisation of your perfect drive solution - from the initial idea to series production. We highlight optimisation potential, find the ideal screw drive for your requirements – or together with you develop an individual solution and tailor-make it.

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