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Together we drive the optimisation of your solution – in new directions

Increase the performance of your product even more - with our contribution. We check the optimisation potential of the current linear motion in terms of cost-efficiency, performance, dynamics, installation space, weight and smooth running. In many cases, a standard drive solution is taken to a new level through innovative technology.

We take the direct route with you - from one solution to the best solution. In order to further improve your market competitiveness, we go beyond the limits of what is currently possible. Our passion for perfect motion drives our creativity. Give us a challenge!


More performance with new technology

Series design
What you can expect

Eichenberger experts put your drive solution through its paces. Within just a few days you will receive a concrete recommendation on how your existing solution can be optimised with which product or improve through innovative technology.

Your benefit

Experience technical dialogue at the highest level. We will show how your product can be made even more innovative and master the basic challenges:

  • Reduce costs of drive solution
  • Optimise installation space and weight
  • Increase performance and life time

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Eichenberger experts put your drive solution under the microscope. We can highlight optimisation potential – from cost reduction through to improved performance - or surprise you with a new technical solution.

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Outstanding strengths

Our passion for perfect motion finds us going in new directions and seeking challenges every day. Our goal is to find the ideal solution for your requirements. We achieve this by combining maximum performance and efficiency with optimal cost-effectiveness.

What can we set in motion for you?

Eichenberger supports the realisation of your perfect drive solution - from the initial idea to series production. We highlight optimisation potential, find the ideal screw drive for your requirements – or together with you develop an individual solution and tailor-make it.

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We prepare interesting items in the field of drive technology for you – technical articles with substantiated information, shared know-how and helpful visuals. Good material to keep you ahead in the market.
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What’s moving in the world of drive technology? We keep you up to date with new ideas, developments and concrete solutions for the increasing challenges for perfect motion.