Tailor-made thread drive

High performance for your drive solutions – we make the impossible possible for you.

Our commitment is to make your product more competitive with our contribution. We develop and produce your tailor-made screw drive solution – with specific geometry, ideal materials and the most suitable hardening processes, and we manufacture the tools necessary in-house. This enables us to achieve a short time-to-market for high precision, application-specific products very cost-effectively. A long-term partnership and regular contact are the basis for further development of your perfect drive solution.
Any kind of end machining

One of our specialties is application-specific end machining - precisely tailored to your functional requirements. After cold-rolling, ball screw spindles are hardened by induction and cut to length before the spindle ends are individually machined. Cross-holes, wedge tracks, recesses, feather keys, driving surfaces, knurling and much more are part of our daily work.


Every shape of nut

Innovative solutions often require certain application-specific nuts. It may even be necessary to integrate the nut directly into a component to achieve the perfect drive solution. Sometimes particular requirements of dimension and performance parameters can only be met by using a uniquely shaped nut. Whatever the challenge, we design and manufacture the ideal nut for your drive solution.


Creative new developments

Eichenberger is your ideal partner for the development and manufacture of your custom-made screw drives of any shape and design. Our in-house production enables us to be extremely flexible and even produce complex products with short time-to-market. In doing so, we put our heart and soul into the further development of your product. Our passion for perfect motion leads to surprising screw drive solutions that will bring your innovations to the forefront of the market.

Where else can you get a ballscrew with dimensions 9.3 x 2.125 mm?


Application examples

Example applications 1: Carry 6 x 1

Medical technology
Special nut with application-specific flange

Example applications 2: Carry 8 x 2.5 Inox

Off-shore industry (towed sonar)
Special nut for use with a “cradle”, corrosion resistant

Example applications 3: Carry 8 x 3

Medical technology
Special nut with direct linear slide connection

Example applications 4: Carry 12 x 4

Special nut; screw and nut with coating to reduce sliding friction

Example applications 5: Carry 10 x 2

Medical technology; large-scale production
Nut polished on the outside with feature of adhesive grooves

Example applications 6: Speedy 4/1

Electronics industry (building electric motors)
Customer-specific injection molded two-part technopolymer nut, ready for preloading by the customer

Example applications 7: Carry 9.3 x 2

Electronics industry (building electric motors)
Customer-specific screw diameter, special nut, high-temperature technopolymer ball return system

Example applications 8: Carry 16 x 5

Off-shore industry (oil drilling)
Nut with “safety system” (Safety nut)

Example applications 9: Carry 25 x 5

Hollow screw with extremely large, continuous bare hole

Example applications 10: Carry 10 x 2

Electrically operated manual device
Load rating increased based on customer-specific adjustment of tube ball return system

Example applications 11: Carry 16 x 7

Motor racing
Special nut with special pitch

Example applications 12: Speedy 26/6

Print industry
Stopper adjustment

Outstanding strengths

Our passion for perfect motion sees us breaking new ground and seeking challenges every day. Our goal is to find the ideal solution for your requirements. We achieve this by combining maximum performance and efficiency with optimal cost-efficiency.


Our passion for perfect motion constantly leads in new directions. This is how products are created that bring your innovations to the forefront of the market. Whether standard design or tailor-made solution: Eichenberger precision screw drives have been used in a wide range of industries and countless applications - for decades. Creative developments enable completely new drive solutions and applications in new areas and industries.

Be inspired by Eichenberger.

What can we set in motion for you?

Eichenberger supports the realisation of your perfect drive solution - from the initial idea to series production. We highlight optimisation potential, find the ideal screw drive for your requirements – or together with you develop an individual solution and tailor-make it.


"Quality first": As a certified company, we leave nothing to chance from development to production and delivery.

Effective work processes, modern production equipment and qualified personnel with a high sense of responsibility guarantee a quality standard that has made us the preferred partner of many renowned companies worldwide.

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