Eichenberger Gewinde AG - Customised drive solutions for automation

Eichenberger Gewinde AG - Customised drive solutions for automation

Since 1953, the name Eichenberger Gewinde AG has been synonymous with high-quality work in the field of thread manufacturing. Ball screws are among the most frequently used drive systems in many industries. The advantages lie in their high efficiency. Together with its customers, Eichenberger develops tailor-made solutions. The core competence lies in the cold forming of the screw drives. Ideal for all those who rely on resilience and smooth running in their applications. Founded over 70 years ago as a family business based in Burg AG, Switzerland, it is now part of the Festo Group, one of the world's leading automation specialists and an independent family-owned company from Germany.

Energy and resource efficiency as well as noise and pollutant reduction: even a simple mechanical drive element must meet increasingly ambitious requirements in today's world. For Eichenberger, this means minimal use of materials for the greatest possible performance. The ball screws are used in a wide variety of industries, wherever rotary movements are converted into linear movements and vice versa. The customised ball screws are used, for example, in medical technology in dialysis machines or in aerospace and automotive engineering in aircraft seats, truck couplings, bus and underground doors. Furthermore, they are used in building technology for roofing systems or in the textile industry in embroidery and weaving machines. They also ensure the proper operation of various devices, for example in bolt setting tools.
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A thread is produced by deforming a workpiece under enormous force between two rotating rolling tools. Thread rolling as cold forming process ensures a long service life as well as excellent running smoothness of the screw drives. This is because during thread rolling, unlike grinding, milling, whirling or turning, the longitudinal fibres of the material are not cut, but are deflected and compacted in the process. The result is a compressed, smoothly rolled, extremely resilient notch-free surface, which is necessary for a long service life of the spindle.

Eichenberger Gewinde AG as a competent partner

Eichenberger supports its customers in realising the perfect drive solution - from the initial idea to series production. The company's inhouse specialists identify optimisation potential and find the ideal screw drive for its requirement - or develop an individual solution together with the customer and manufacture it to measure. Development, production and quality management intertwine perfectly at Eichenberger. This means that even the most unusual solutions can be realised for customers - competitively and with a short time-to-market.

Product highlights

Ball screw Carry


Carry is an almost wear-free ball screw for applications that need to move large loads with low energy consumption. Up to oversquare thread pitches make particularly high travel speeds possible. The cold-formed products shine with robustness, precision, strength, efficiency and smooth running. Carry manages to handle 1000 times its own weight with a spindle diameter of only 40 mm. Three strong, corrosion-resistant ball screws of the Carry type master, for example, the docking of a spacecraft to the ISS in orbit. They form the core inside the docking system. In the aerospace industry, reliability is the top priority. Robustness and resilience in the rugged orbital environment play an essential role. Similarly, meticulous accuracy is crucial.
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High-helix leadscrew Speedy


Never before have such high travel speeds been achieved with such low revolution speeds as with the Speedy high-helix leadscrews from Eichenberger. Extreme pitches of up to six times the diameter also meet the highest demands for efficient conversion of linear to rotary movements. Ideally suited for controlling of building services, for example. The Speedy high-helix leadscrew can manage the reliable positioning of heavy, sensor-controlled shading elements on ultra-modern building facades. Visual, light and thermal protection are automatically and precisely adjusted to the weather conditions. The high-helix leadscrews from Eichenberger integrated in the shading system realise a huge spindle pitch ratio, with amazingly high travel speeds, which also allow very low rotational speeds. This allows a slow and efficient spindle rotation that prevents vibrations. The art was, among other things, to bring out the precision, concentricity and straightness along the threaded rod.
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Round thread spindles Rondo


Due to their round thread profile, the Eichenberger Rondo round-thread leadscrews achieve an above-average efficiency with smooth running at the same time. They are therefore a convincing alternative to conventional trapezoidal thread spindles. The round-thread leadscrews run without vibrations, have a long service life and are also available in aluminium on request. They are used, for example, for pressing coffee powder in fully automatic coffee machines. To make the perfect espresso, the right amount of pressure is crucial. Two laterally arranged, robust round-thread leadscrews of the Rondo type guide the tamping device for pressing the coffee puck. The puck must be pressed evenly with a force of more than 1200 Newton, best with a high degree of repeat accuracy - only then will the fourth espresso taste just as good as the first. The precise round-thread leadscrews ensure that the force is applied evenly and constantly over the entire surface of the coffee puck, and that with every single espresso.
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Light leadscrews Easy


Materials play a role in determining progress, also in the case of screw drives. Easy is a real lightweight. The leadscrew unit consists of a rolled aluminium spindle with resistant hard anodising and a nut made of high-performance technopolymer. The lightweight leadscrew achieves efficiencies of more than 80 % and are preferred for use in climatic conditions with strong temperature fluctuations and in harsh environments. Thanks to the special thread geometry, the spindle unit is insensitive to dirt and tilting moments. They are therefore ideally suited for use in door systems in high-speed trains, which are exposed to high forces, wind and weather at over 300h/km as well as multiple opening and closing operations over many years. The light leadscrews must guarantee the great exertion, robustness, precision and reliability in the tightest of spaces. The tilting moment is absorbed by the outer diameter of the spindle, which ensures smooth operation and prevents the doors from jamming.
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Eichenberger is the specialist for screw drives. Ensure your competitive edge through outstanding quality and efficiency. We work together with our customers to develop individual screw drives that not only exceed your expectations, but also deliver surprising cost savings. Thanks to years of experience and high quality standards, companies all over the world trust us.
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Perhaps you are still at the beginning and unsure of exactly what you need? Together with you, we will develop an individual solution and manufacture it to measure. Simply contact and we will be pleased to advise you. 
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