What makes the ballscrew drive the ideal functional element?

Design engineers regularly have to determine the most suitable drive solution for implementing linear movements. Technological progress has resulted in increased complexity and ball screws are among the most frequently used drive systems in many areas. Rolled thread screws have become established in the linear sector as cold-formed spindles result in highly efficient drive systems with the additional clear advantage of excellent energy efficiency.

Reliability and customer benefit are no coincidence

The Eichenberger spindle technology and thread rolling (cold forming of outer surface of round parts) combine maximum load-bearing capacity and force density with incredible dynamics, amazing precision and maximum running performance. There is enormous potential in industrial automation, robotics or medical technology, and in addition, development opportunities not yet dreamt of exist in a wide range of industrial and research applications for semiconductors, photovoltaic systems, vacuum valves, etc. Eichenberger Gewinde AG - incidentally the only manufacturer of rolled ballscrews in Switzerland - serves a wide range of industries, from mechanical engineering to medical, electrical and automotive engineering and space travel. Despite the big differences between the various fields of application, there are still many similarities. The ever-increasing qualitative requirements, trends towards higher intelligence and the search for economical overall solutions are common to all areas.

What makes the Carry ballscrew drive such a resilient and ideal functional element?

Thread rolling produces very precise geometries with high surface quality. Typical thread manufacturing processes such as milling, turning or whirling involve machine cutting the material, with the disadvantage of interrupting the grain of the steel. However, thread rolling diverts the longitudinal fibres rather than using cutting and the surface profile hardens at the same time. This "smooth rolled surface" offers little opportunity for dirt to attack. This is crucial for a long service life and also decisive for the quiet rolling of the balls. Cold forming also results in very good roughness values (~ Rz 1.0) on the thread flanks and in the base radius.

Always in focus: Efficient, costeffective overall solution for customers

Drive technology is in a tension field: increasing time and cost pressures confront with objectives such as precise processes, high load capacities and speeds together with long service life. Over the decades, an impressive selection of ball and leadscrew drives has been developed. Designers at Eichenberger always try to build on an existing product and adapt the screw drive to the specific application requirements. This results in a decisive price advantage, making the product more competitive for the customer.




In cooperation with our customers, we develop screw drive solutions for specific requirements and then tailor-make the thread drive - in the shortest possible time. The limits of technical feasibility are challenged to give our partners a competitive advantage.

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