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MRI-compatible aluminium sliding screw drives

Lightweight construction is currently one of major challenges in the aerospace, ...
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Ballscrew drives for quiet daily life at the MAGIC telescope control centre

Nowadays, astrophysicists conduct research using huge telescopes, some connected together ...
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"It's Magic" – Where ballscrews chase blue lightening bolts

"Space - unending expanses. The year is 2200." Recognise it? It is how the television ...
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Observatory on La Palma, ballscrews open the door to the stars

Astronomy is important because physics in itself does not invent things, just as biology ...
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A striking resemblance: our environment and the ecosystem of ants, what is the connection with ballscrews?

The need to solve practical and ever more challenging issues means that regardless of ...
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Ballscrew at heart of YJKP kit servo presses

We have set ourselves the goal of constantly developing our core competence of cold ...
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EASY the lightweight aluminium screw drive for safe door systems on high-speed trains

Today's high-speed trains can travel at more than 300 km/h. Just imagine the forces at ...
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Professional coffee machines thanks to precision ballscrews

For many of us, it is not only the aroma and taste of coffee or an espresso that we love, ...
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One thing is essential for osteoarthritis: keeping in motion

In everyday conversation, osteoarthritis is often mentioned in the same breath as ageing ...
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higher, faster, further - and yet still smaller, more compact, lighter

Today, solutions that are both resource and energy efficient are in great demand. This ...
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