Ball screws unleash super powers – Ironhand 2022

Our hands: whether at home or at work, they are in action for us every day, mastering tasks throughout the whole day. It is something we take for granted and do not even think about the importance of our hands for us. Therefore, there can be serious consequences if hand function is ever damaged or impaired in some way.

Aiming to help people with reduced muscle strength or who need additional strength, a technology company from Sweden began developing and manufacturing a bionic and power-giving product, the Ironhand®.

In order to further develop this revolutionary and innovative product and equip it with the perfect drive solution, Bioservo Technologies AB turned to Eichenberger.

Medical know-how, robotics and computer technology - have all been combined in one product. Thanks to a passion for perfect motion, the two companies successfully collaborated to create this remarkable innovation.



1.Return to a better quality of life thanks to Ironhand® 

Weak hands can be a major hindrance for occupations involving high levels of gripping. There may be pain, lack of strength or even absences from work due to illness. In rarer cases, tasks may even need to be redefined or retraining is necessary, all of which can affect the physical or mental health of individuals. .

Therefore, it is important to provide appropriate aids in order to enable people to resume their daily lives independently or to return to work. In this way, all employees with key competences remain integrated in the workplace and companies do not lose reliable personnel.

The Ironhand® is precisely that aid. It is based on Soft Extra Muscle Technology, which is a modular system consisting of a glove that covers all five fingers, and a drive system. Integrated pressure sensors are controlled by servo motors in the device, making it possible to produce a very strong grip.

2. Everything begins with a conversation together.

For us, the driving force for all new and improved developments lies in solution-oriented dialogues. Our designers listen attentively and determine all the requirements. Answers are sought and found according to the principle: quality begins with the focus on the customer and ends with their satisfaction.

This was exactly the case when collaborating with Bioservo Technologies AB.

3. From an idea to reality

Be it unconventional materials, thread forms or non-standard dimensions - these are not obstacles. Unusual geometries, proprietary interfaces or even special materials and hardening processes - Eichenberger is the perfect partner for your requirements in these areas. Where else would you find ball screws with the most impressive dimensions of 9.3 x 2.125mm?

All necessary tools are manufactured in-house to ensure a short time-to-market for all customers and to supply them with application-optimised products of the highest precision and cost-effectiveness. This was the situation with Bioservo Technologies AB.

As a world leader in combining soft exoskeletons with motor support, the Bioservo team had the idea of developing a glove that could help prevent stress injuries, aid rehabilitation and support jobs with grip-intensive tasks.

This is when the two worlds met and the successful collaboration to develop the perfect screw drive solution for the Ironhand® began between Bioservo Technologies AB and Eichenberger.

4. Small ball screws, big impact

The result speaks for itself. The Ironhand®, consisting of a lightweight glove connected to a control unit worn on the user's back, delivers a grip force of up to 80N within milliseconds.

At the heart of this construction are five electrically driven, cold-rolled ball screws from Eichenberger. Their function is to convert the rotary motion of the small servo motors to linear motion. The impressive efficiency of over 94 % ensures optimum drive performance.


Ironhand_Carry Solutions-1

The Ironhand® function is similar to that of our hands. A handgrip is normally initiated by the muscles of the forearm and hand. These muscles pull tendons extending from the five fingers. Ironhand® works the same way: pressure sensors in the fingertips of the glove detect when the user grasps an object. A microcomputer calculates the required power. Servo motors drive five filigree 5x2 mm ball screws (Ø 5 mm, pitch 2 mm). These are connected to the fingers of the glove by thin wire filaments. The fine connections move the fingers and additional force is generated by the slim glove. The higher the pressure on the sensors, the more power the glove delivers. The Ironhand® thus identifies how the user grips an object and adjusts the gripping movement both intuitively and automatically.

Custom-made ball screws make the impossible possible

Small installation space with large loads and noise-free movements in the smallest of spaces are just a few of the challenges of requirements for drive elements that every company has to overcome. This was all part of the specifications of Bioservo Technologies AB.

High positioning accuracy with the smallest strokes and high dynamics in continuous operation. Of course, safety and reliability should not be forgotten. Furthermore, maintenance intervals, service life and costs played a major role in the specified requirements.

Thanks to individual designs and customised manufacturing processes, the thread professional Eichenberger adapts all products to the applications and makes the impossible possible. That is the only way to create innovative products that drive our customers to the forefront of the market.

The ball screw ( 20x5 Carry, cold-formed, induction-hardened) integrated in the Ironhand® combines speed, precision in minimal space and hence fulfils all the specified requirements. In addition, the ideal lead ratio of the spindle further reinforces the efficiency of the movement. «The five Swiss heroes» are also impressively light and improve the cost-effectiveness of the overall solution.

Successful cooperation ends with an extremely satisfied customer.


Carry_20x5_Spez_freigestellt  Tailor-made for highest precision and efficiency, ball screw drive Carry 20 x 5  


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